Ur pennad eus ar Wikeriadur, ar geriadur liesyezhek frank a wirioù.
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Nuvola apps bookcase.svg Etimologiezh

Open book 01.svg Furm verb

arrive /ʃa'ri:v/

  1. Furm eus ar verb arriver en trede gour unan an amzer-vremañ.


Nuvola apps bookcase.svg Etimologiezh

Eus ar verb gallek arriver.

Open book 01.svg Verb

arrive /ʃɘ'raiv/

  1. degouezhout en ul lec'h.
  • When he arrived at the banks of the Rubicon, which divides Cisalpine Gaul from the rest of Italy … he stopped to deliberate…. At last he cried out: "The die is cast" and immediately passed the river. Plutarch, Life of Julius Cæsar; Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 641.

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