Kaozeadenn Rummad:Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls

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The template:if is an old template that probably dates from before the creation of the #if parser function and tried to emulate its effect. But it did so by delibrately calling a parameter twice. This has filled up this category with thousands of error messages. I have replaced the statement in the if template by one using the #if parser function giving it the same effect. This category is now slowly emptying itself. Please keep an eye out for undesirable side effects. There should not be any, but you never know. Gunmhoine (kaozeal) 29 Meu 2015 da 23:06 (UTC)

The emptying has succeeded but has left two authentic pages with double calls and a bunch of conjugation templates that I do not comprehend and I will therefore not mess with. I do think that there is no reason to make the category HIDDEN anymore. Doing so defeats the purpose of the error message: it is supposed to warn authors that they have just made an error in filling in a template call. It would be advisable to clean up the remaining entries in the category and then remove the HIDDEN statement. Gunmhoine (kaozeal) 29 Meu 2015 da 23:54 (UTC)